Letter to the Editor

Reader reacts to ‘school choice’ article


Re: Erik McCowan’s “School Choice But for Who?”

(Public Schools versus Charter, private or religious school? Quote: “To use taxpayer money to fund private, often unaccredited and unaccountable for-profit schools.”)

You don’t seem to think much of any school other than public.

Incidentally, I don’t believe America’s first choice, neighborhood public schools will suffer because a few choose to go to a private school, etc.

I, myself, attended “public schools.” My parents couldn’t have afforded to pay for our education in a “religions” school.

Taxpayer dollars weren’t allowed to be spent in my behalf (because my faith would have been included in the curriculum).

However, it’s OK if my taxpayer money goes to educate only the public school child. I’m glad to do so!

But shouldn’t our taxpayer dollars educate “all” children? Whether they chose to go to public, charter, private or religious school?


Jean Hrncirik

P.S. I guess we have to pay a price for our “faith”!