Reader seeks help in honoring Tejanos


Dear editor,

I recently attended the Q&A meeting with the mayor held at the library. Many important topics were discussed about issues in our town and many addressed. One of the questions was on the subject of the Tejanos that served a monumental purpose in helping the Texian Army defeat Santa Anna’s military. These brave men sacrificed so very much, some even paying with their lives to help create what is now, known as The Republic of Texas. Gonzales was established in 1825 and was named in honor of Don Rajael Gonzales. He was governor of Coahulia, Mexica and Texas. Another brave Tejano by the name of Juan Seguin with his Tejano volunteers helped Sam Houston defeat Santa Anna’s army at the Battle of San Jacinto. Seguin in 1837 was the first ever Tejano to serve in the Republic of Texas senate a position he held until 1840. I am pleased to say the mayor was in favor of adding something to honor these heroes of our beautiful Republic.

I welcome feedback from our community on this topic, as well as ideas of what the people in our beautiful historic town think should be added in the memory of these great men. Please send your feedback to jetson744@gmail.com. Things being considered range from murals, plaques and statues. This Tejano Texian Army tribute will be pitched to the Tourism Board in hopes of receiving funding to be completed.

Viva La Tejas Revolution

Thomas Enriquez

Gonzales, Texas