Stuffed Animal Safari, Light up the Dark are fun ways to get out in Gonzales


In these uncertain times, people are searching for safe things to do, safely leave their house and, at the same time, have fun.

Locally, some people, led by Suzanne Young Zaitz, have put together a unique experience that is fun for the entire family, especially children. It is completely safe and follows all of the social distancing requirements mandated by city council.

It’s called stuffed animal safari, a driving experience around Gonzales where people drive by designated houses to see the wild stuffed animals in people’s yards or windows. Here’s how it works:

  • pick out one or more stuffed animals.
  • place them in a visible window, on a porch, on a mailbox, in a planter, or other creative area visible from the street.

Gonzales’ first ever Stuffed Animal Safari kicked off Saturday, March 28. Families were encouraged to grab their kids and get exploring. They were asked to take a camera or a notebook for “field notes” and see how many animals they could find. All photos could be posted at Stuffed Animal Safari on Facebook. Zaitz is asking participants to keep the animals up through April 13 so families can keep searching for new and exciting creatures.  The only admonishment is to remember to keep social distancing in place and stay safe! All animals should be visible from the street/sidewalk and all explorers should remain on public sidewalks.

Here are the known addresses to take the young explorers to:

1806 St. Louis, 1816 St. Louis, 1822 St. Louis, 314 N. Fair, 1804 Contour Drive, 1702 St. Vincent, 1623 St. Vincent, 1528 St. Vincent, 1415 St. Vincent, 916 St. Vincent, 1620 Donovan, 1720 Dononvan, 231 S. Contour Drive, 1415 Neuman, 1606 Neuman, 1624 Neuman, 1520 St. Michael, 118 N. Titcomb, 819 St. Matthew, 828 St. Louis, 619 St. Lawrence, 904 St. Michael, 223 St. James, 505 St. Joseph (spaces sublime), 414 St. George (purple cactus pottery), 318 St. George (Angels and Outlaws), 426 St. Paul (nursery windows on St. Lawrence side of Methodist Church), 614 St. Paul (Alcalde Hotel), 428 St. Andrew (H & R Block), 712 St. Francis, 1318 N. Hamilton, 1604 St. Paul (Norma’s House), 612 Oaklands Avenue, and 715 Oakland Avenue.

Another event that Zaitz is trying to get started is a Light up the Dark Christmas light event. She is encouraging everyone to light the darkness by putting up Christmas lights as a sign of hope against coronavirus fears. People will be able to drive around and still be safe with social distance. As Lisa Holland Brown said: “Together we will make it through this darkness. Spread the word and share. Don't forget to send addresses of lighting so we all can enjoy.”

Both events are a fun and unique way to get out of the house while at the same time practicing social distancing and not exposing yourself, loved ones or strangers to the coronavirus in the safety of your own car.