Letter to the editor

Thanking a pair of ‘Good Samaritans’


Last Saturday morning I learned a bunch of things and need to pass ‘em on to you and I’ve relearned some things too.

  1. Let the cell phone ring on. Don’t try to one-handed find your phone and open it because it’s dangerous and foolish and impossible.
  2. There are kind young gentlemen everywhere, i.e., in front of you and behind you to help foolish old gals (88 years old) with big punctured tire on right rear wheel! FLAP, FLAP, totally flat with a nickel size hole chewed in the tire side wall.

The two young gentlemen, Tyler and Matthew, were there in 30 seconds. They didn’t know me and I didn’t know them but they were, “Johnny-on-the-spot” to help me “Ma’am?” said Tyler “Do you have a spare tire?” and “Would you unlock the trunk?” So, I did and sat there thinking how blessed I had just been. You see, I can’t change a tire these days. Ladies, do you know how? About 45 years ago, I could.

So, in about 10 minutes they had the little doughnut tire on the axle and were telling me, “You don’t want to drive over 50 mph on this tire” and “You’ll have to buy at least one tire.”

So, off I drove to The Heights (very late) for hymn singing and Bible study time.

Next stop was Walmart and select four new tires (all four of the old tires were six years old). Then I had to wait till my time to install the tires because there were five people ahead of me. By 2:30 p.m. all the tires were on and the cost was just under $400.

Now all this tale was to let two kind helpers have a BIG THANK YOU via the local newspaper. They need to know how grateful I am and while I think they don’t need to look for old gals to help, this old gal must try to adequately thank Tyler and Matthew. One of them came up to the open window and said, “God Bless you, Ma’am.” How about that?!”

Carol DuBose