This month in Gonzales history



  • May 6, the contract for the Female Academy has been let to John Mooney
  • May 13, a supper was held and $250 was raised for completion of the Methodist Church building


  • May 18, Brown Bowen hanged for murder of Thomas Holderman (4,000 in attendance)


  • May 19, Corn a total failure
  • May 26, Joe Boothe shipped the first carload of cattle this week that ever left Gonzales on the cars.


  • May13, the bell named “Gabriel” was blessed atop the St. Joseph Catholic Church at the corner of College and St. Lawrence St. (Block 46). A new belfry had been added to accommodate the bell.


  • May 21, John Ollre is offering dishes of ice cream for ten cents; for little ones it is five cents.
  • May 24, Ladies Masonic Cemetery Association formed. They met regularly, paid dues, and supervised work done in the cemetery, including beautification.


  • May 28, the Board of Trustees of the school has been notified that the high school has been made an auxiliary of the University of Texas. This entitles graduates to enter the University without examination. This makes Gonzales High School rank among the best in the state.


  • May 6, the Cotton Mill is running a full force and turning out about 175,000 yards of cloth per month.
  • May 6, J.S. White, the barber, has installed a new electric massage machine in order to “serve his patrons in a twentieth century manner.”
  • May 20, Captain W.D. Green, manager of the Sunset Brick & Tile Company reports that they have made 3,529,720 bricks since Jan. 1 of this year and have another 1,066,000 on the fire now. Many are being shipped to El Paso.


  • May 4, County Clerk reports twenty-five births and sixteen deaths in the county during April.
  • May 22, the Air Dome Theatre appears to be doing a fine business, with new showings regularly scheduled. Also plays at the Opera House.
  • May 25, Hoskins Mercantile advertises “tub suits” for men. They are supposedly “cool as a cucumber for the summer” and are made of mohair, pongee, or seersucker. Cost is $3.50 to $20.
  • May 27, a new sidewalk has been built in front of the Catholic and Episcopalian churches adding much to the appearance of the area.
  • May 27, crowning of the “May Queen” and a band concert at North Avenue Park is planned for the 30th.
  • May 31, Lum Ollre was shot by Alex Schleyer at Ollre’s home. Ollre is expected to recover.