This month in Gonzales history



  • Concepcion, and San Jose Missions were established in San Antonio.
  • March 9, the beginning of civilian settlement occurred when a group of Canary Islanders was moved into the area. However, there are reports that from 1718 to 1731, 47 couples were married and 107 children were baptized, so the missions in and around San Antonio were already flourishing with native Bexarenos. 


  • March 24, the State Colonization Law was passed by the Federalist constituent legislature in Saltillo. Green DeWitt is granted permission to found a colony.


  • Feb. 23, siege of the Alamo began
  • March 1, 32 men from Gonzales area entered the Alamo, joining nine men from area who were already in the Alamo
  • March 2, Texas Declaration of Independence signed.
  • March 6, Alamo fell; all are killed
  • March 11, General Sam Houston arrived in Gonzales to take command of the Army of the Republic of Texas, fewer than 400 men. Susannah Dickinson arrived in Gonzales with news of the fall of the Alamo and Santa Anna’s message demanding settlers leave.
  • March 13, 11 p.m., Run-away Scrape began in Gonzales and Sam Houston ordered the town burned.
  • March 27, Goliad massacre


  • March 18, a park is to be established by the county near the San Marcos River Bridge (this was the bridge located on County Road 465. Now closed.)


  • March 18, Albert Howard hanged for attacking elderly Mrs. Kuntschik. (Howard put the curse on the courthouse clock)


  • “Buffalo Crossing” monument placed near the Guadalupe River on western edge of city (In 2006 it was found after having been neglected and on the ground for many years and installed on Market Square (Block 4)


  • March 13, the announcement was made that the school board decided that Gonzales High School would change from 11 grades to 12 grades.
  • March 14, recruitment of boys aged seventeen to 23 for the CCC begun
  • March 23, Robert Van Beveren left for Berkley, CA where he will attend the Cincinnati Reds’ training camp.


  • John Mohrmann re-purchased Spohler’s Pharmacy, creating the new Mohrmann’s Drug Store


  • March 19, commissioners voted to remove stone fence on south side of Courthouse to allow for more parking. Ornamental iron will be sold or used for concrete reinforcement. Stones will be used for rip-rap at bridges.


  • March 1, Texas State Historical Survey Committee will end its tour of historic sites in Texas in Gonzales on Sunday, March 4, where the first of an anticipated 1,000 Historical Medallions will be unveiled at the 1840’s Eggleston House. This house is one of the best examples of “dog-run” architecture in Texas.
  • March 8, two other houses in Gonzales received Historical Medallions shortly after the Eggleston House. They are: The Old College owned by the Henry Reese family and the former Chennault Home, now owned by the J.R. Tinsleys.


  • March 14, Perry Bros., Inc., a variety store, at 517 Saint Joseph Street is undergoing extensive interior remodeling.
  • March 15, Ben Franklin, a variety store, will open at the northeast corner of Saint George and Saint Joseph Streets, possibly by the first of April. It is one of the stores owned by the Gindler brothers.
  • March 28, Duke & Ayers variety store at 405 Saint George Street is being remodeled after having been in the same location since it opened forty-eight years ago. 


  • March 11, Charles Duke Jr., an astronaut who walked on the moon in 1972, came to Gonzales to speak at the Junior High Auditorium


  • March 13, open house for new police department/EMS building
  • March 20, lightning struck Hugh Lewis home (unoccupied) at corner of St. Paul and St. Matthew Streets causing major fire damage
  • March 27, Boysen Food Market advertises hamburger for $0.89 a pound, Wuest’s has hamburger at $1.68 a pound, Breitschopf Bros. Grocery & Market has hamburger for $0.87 a pound, H.E.B. has hamburger for $1.69 a pound, Super S has rib eyes at $4.29 per pound