Time to give all: Help our small business and their employees


All day long we have been talking to businesses directly affected by the governor's edict this afternoon. This is going to cost many their jobs, secondary income sources and maybe close a few businesses.
Therefore, we implore and beg you on behalf of our area local businesses and their employees -- who are our friends and neighbors -- that for the next two days before the edict that's in effect -- make every effort you can to go support these people, but do it as safely as possible. Let's get them as much financial help as we can in the short term -- and then support them when they go on shortened hours to provide take out, drive through and pick up orders starting Saturday and every day after that. Let's call it an inventory reduction sale for our friends and business neighbors, and then pay it forward starting next week.

The Inquirer, along with the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce and other local resources, will be posting all the area businesses who have new hours, who is doing what, and what specials they will be running. We will provide up-to-date information as they provide it to us. Tell your friends who work for these businesses to take advantage of this information platform and encourage them to get the information to us. Help us help them and help all of us because it is the right thing to do. They need our help now--let's rally to them.

One final request: We have this message on our Facebook right now. Please share this with your friends, family and neighbors in any way you can, through social media, emails, etc. 

As your publisher of the Gonzales Inquirer, I want to thank you in advance for your support and help in this time of crisis.

Terry J. Fitzwater, Editor and Publisher