Letter to the Editor

Vote for rollback means vote for Gonzales’ deterioration


To my fellow citizens of the City of Gonzales,

There is coming up an opportunity to vote on whether you want the City to have an opportunity to grow and prosper, or to continue the decline into becoming a 3rd world city. All one has to do is pay attention to the visible infrastructure to see what sad shape it is in. Roads that are braking up, major streets that are impassable in heavy rains, and sidewalks buckling, not to mention aging below ground infrastructure that is older than 99.5% of our population, these are just a few of problems that are in dire need of being financially addressed. Our city employees have not had a raise in six years and due to inflation are slowly being driven towards poverty level wages. These are not the kind of things attract new businesses or people.

Our present city council and city manager are doing their best with the resources available; but, if those resources are slashed they will be left with only the ability to put patches on what is unpatchable. To vote to roll back the tax rate, will be a vote to have the City of Gonzales continue to deteriorate and slide toward 3rd world status.

Please vote AGAINST rollback!

James Lawrence