We want your input! What would an increase in your energy bill mean to you?


Utility bills across the state are expected to increase due to increased usage and pricing of wholesale power.

A press release from Guadalupe Valley Electrical Cooperative states that its customers may see an increase to their utility bill due to these factors. However, the energy company has stated that it will "structure rate changes to help minimize the direct burden to our membership. GVEC is considering all options to design a rate that will recover the necessary costs over multiple years and lessen the overall impact to our members as much as possible."

It is unclear what kind of increases customers of other utility suppliers can expect. 

The Inquirer is seeking help from the public in telling the story of how this weather event has impacted Gonzales County residents. How would an increase in your monthly energy bill affect you? Did you have electricity during the rolling outages ordered by ERCOT? 

To share your story, please contact staff reporter Brooke Sjoberg by callling 830-672-2861 or emailing brooke.sjoberg@gonzalesinquirer.com.