Welcome home to Gonzales


To all our guests who have come to celebrate this weekend we’d like to offer a sincere welcome to Gonzales. We’re sure you will have a blast at the Come and Take It Festival!

Whether you are returning to visit friends and family, or you are a first-time visitor to Gonzales or the Come and Take It Celebration, we are sure you will find the best in Texas hospitality right here in our town.

The Come and Take It Celebration is a Gonzales tradition, but it is also part of our legacy as the Birthplace of the Texas Revolution. We are proud of our hallowed heritage, as the first shot was fired just to the west of Gonzales. Gonzales men further proved their mettle by 32 Immortal men from Gonzales marching from here to certain death at the Alamo to die for Texas freedom.

There is a lot to do in our town over the next few days, like the concerts on the square, the parade, the chicken flying contest, bingo, shopping, and a host of other activities on the square. We would encourage you to embrace our history while you are here by visiting the Memorial Museum, the Cost First Shot Monument or Pioneer Village. Breathe in our history, celebrate our heritage and bathe in our wonderful hospitality.

We would also like to give a shout out to the Come and Take It Committee, the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and all the volunteers who have and will put so much time in this weekend to make this an event you will not forget. Without the volunteers, none of this could happen.

Enjoy everyone!