Letter to the Editor

What is Gonzales doing to help with increased hospitalization?


As the city, county, and state continue trashing the economy and at present ask people to stay home and with threats of fines for associating with over 10 people, I have a question. (One city, so far, has ordered people to not leave their home {self-imprisonment} except to perform “essential activities”, with threat of fine and or CONFINEMENT IN JAIL for a term of not more than 180 days). Since, everything that is being done is at best a stall, and; Covid-19 is going to come. People here are going to become infected with it, even with all the actions required of us by the governments. We are creating an unemployment rate greater than the Great Depression. The only reason to do this is to buy time. Time to increase the ability to treat the greater number of people who will need a more intensive care than just hospitalization. What I want to know is what have we done, and are doing, here in Gonzales to increase the ability to accommodate our citizens who will be hospitalized and require a greater level of care or to accommodate a greater number of citizens who will just need to be hospitalized?

James Lawrence