Ynclan announces sheriff candidacy


Robert Ynclan, a 35-year veteran of Texas Highway Patrol, announced Oct. 2 his intention to run for Gonzales County Sheriff in 2020. Ynclan previously announced his forthcoming retirement from the Texas DPS in April and hinted at his interest in running for further office.

“I have enjoyed serving and protecting the communities of Gonzales County as a DPS Trooper and would like to continue my service to the communities as Sheriff for Gonzales County,” Ynclan said via press release.

A native of Texas, Ynclan has previous experience with the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office where he was promoted to Chief Deputy. In 1984, Ynclan was selected to become a Texas State Trooper and was transferred to Gonzales. As a Texas State Trooper, Ynclan had to the opportunity to serve former Texas Governor Rick Perry and protect the Governor’s Mansion in Austin.

It was in Gonzales that Ynclan met his wife Cynthia Porras. According to Ynclan, they have been married for 30 years and have three children together. As a man of faith, Ynclan said he would treat all that he serves fairly.

“I am a Christian, a family man and have no doubt that God put me on this earth to be a law man,” Ynclan said. “I believe in God and I will treat everyone ethically.”

Ynclan also said he promises to be a transparent sheriff and will “never forget that I work for the people.”

Ynclan will be running as a Republican in the race, which will put him in a primary competition with current Gonzales County Sheriff Matt Atkinson. Atkinson formally announced his re-election effort in July.