U.S. House District 34

Diego Zavala (D)


I am a Brownsville native that currently serves my community as a high school teacher. I am the first in my family to graduate from a university.

As a first generation American that has seen firsthand the effects of poverty and adversity. I am running to ensure that our country returns power to the hands of her citizens. I am disgusted and infuriated by the unconstitutional power that corporations hold in the halls of Congress. From irrational healthcare costs to the pollution of our own backyards, corporations have influenced public policy for too long with no limitation. This is why I have decided to run a 100% people funded campaign. As your representative, I will dedicate my term to ending this practice.

In order to return more power directly to our hands, I support expanding voting rights legislation. Automatic voter registration must be universally accepted. We must celebrate what makes this country so great, by declaring Election Day a national holiday. And I believe that people should hold power in our elections, not empty land, therefore, the Electoral College must be dissolved.

Additionally, I commit myself to ensure that we can all have access to debt free education and healthcare. It is inexcusable that in the greatest country on Earth, an education or hospital visit can end in bankruptcy and this ring truer for families of low means. The greatest investment this country can make, is in its people.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource. It is in our economic and strategic interest to invest into renewable energy sources. This will allow the U.S. to remain economically relevant and energy independent in the global energy economy.

For liberty and justice for all,

Diego Zavala