9-11: 20 Years Later – send your reflections, memories, and stories

The Gonzales Inquirer is collecting your reflections, memories, and stories from the 9-11 terrorist attack on America and the 20 years since that fateful day.
We are looking for a range of information:
• Did you enlist in the armed forces after the attack?
• Did you assist is the rescue or recovery efforts?
• Did you know someone at one of the attack sites?
• Were you in New York City or Washington, D.C. during the attacks?
• Where were you when you learned of the attacks?
• What are your thoughts looking back at that day?
• What do you remember about life in Gonzales County on the day of the attack – and the days that followed?
• Plus any other stories of interest will be considered.
Please send your submissions to steve.fountain@gonzalesinquirer.com by Friday, Aug. 20
Our special section will publish on Thursday, Sept. 9.