Citizens encouraged to vote against rollback



We write to you with an urgent message. The City of Gonzales needs your help. We have a crisis situation and it needs a decisive response.

The City will have a Tax Rollback election on March 16 that will set in motion a positive move for the future of Gonzales if defeated, or a severe setback for the financial existence of the city if approved. We have to grow in the direction of a financially viable community that will serve us and future generations.

We need a new tax rate for the survival of Gonzales. 492 citizens signed a petition to seek a rollback of new taxes. In our opinion, should the rollback win, we the citizens/government of Gonzales will be severely disadvantaged in the ability to maintain our historic city.

We are concerned that this election will cost the city $xxx,xxx,xxx — when that money could be used for the needs of the community! On that note, we have been told that one of the principals behind the Rollback Petition did make the comment “I do not give a damn about the money it costs the city”. It’s that kind of mentality that got us in this dire condition to start with.

We encourage you to vote on or before March 16 AGAINST the rollback of the tax as adopted by the City. Early voting is February 27 – March 8, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and March 11& 12, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at City Hall, 820 St. Joseph. If you need a mail-in ballot please apply for a ballot by March 5. Request should be made to Kristina Vega, P. O. Box 547, Gonzales, Texas 78629

Will you help support the defeat of this rollback? A contact number is 830-857-3298.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Please speak up for your community.

With kind regards,

“Citizens Supporting Gonzales,” a Political Action Committee has been formed to defeat the rollback. The PAC is endorsed by many – a partial list includes:

 Humberto J. Rivas, MD

Mary Anne MacLean

Paul and Vicki Frenzel

Dr. Kim Strozier

Darren & Melissa Schauer

John Tinsley

David Lindemann

Ruby Johnson Lindemann

Ellen Denman

Jean Peterek Burns

Noel Reese

Paul Neuse

Andy and Cindy Rodriguez

Rew and Ann Covert

Greg & Kris McLain

Erwin Ckodre

Larry & Johnnie Edwards

Kelly Ann Lindner

James Hamilton

Amanda Reed Smith

Al & Dawn O’Donnell

Connie Dolezal

Jackie Dubose

Ronnie & Debbie Gregory

Glenda Gordon

Kenneth & Sue Gottwald

Rob & Lisa Brown

David Tucy