Letter to the editor

Disappointment in article


I wanted to express my disappointment that the explicit details, painting a vulgar picture, included in G. McGinley’s article concerning the alleged sexual assault charge against the councilman.

I would expect the charge to be named, even with the detail of “hand on the thigh, under the garment”. I see no journalistic reason for the graphic details. People have enough imagination to make a conclusion. These newspapers are delivered to the GISD school district. They may be used in the classroom. Students do not need this information. It would also bring unkind comments or bullying to any child or young relative in the situation.

News can be given without causing additional grief and embarrassment to the family: children, parents, etc. This reporting is extremely insensitive and without merit. Families have enough to deal with. I have seen this insensitivity applied unequally by this newspaper before. You were not always in charge of what was printed, I understand. The fact remains that sensitive details are not applied equally across the board.

There were many more graphic details that could have been included in the article concerning the sexual charges against the school nurse earlier in the summer. They were not mentioned. What is the newspaper’s bias between the two people charged?

There needs to be news given in a way not to sway any potential jurors. I doubt that, while there are laws against sexual harassment, there are laws outlining behavior in exactly the way you described. That makes the detail unnecessary.

I am in no way tolerant of sexual assault issues. I am not supporting the actions or the person of the councilman. I am not acquainted with him, except to know his councilman position. I am in favor of keeping dirty details away from the eyes and thoughts of the public, especially those fortunate to still be innocent of such behaviors.


Darwina Gaytan