Letter to the editor

Divisive country


 Here we are about to go into primary voting in 2020 and the country is being bombarded with divisive comments from all sides. I know that we have always had people that shout and rant about everyone but take no look at themselves, but it needs to stop. There are issues that need to be discussed in a civil manner to solve any problems that we have in government and our daily lives.
I was talking to friends recently and musing what would my life be like today if I had been born in a third world country instead of being born into a country of freedom to live my life as I see fit. Would I be Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Hari Krishna, etc., or non-religious? Does that make me better than the other people in the world? If my skin is of a different color than others does that make me a person to be hated? If my family was being threatened with their life would I be seeking somewhere to take them to be safe? These are questions that we all in this privileged country should be asking ourselves.
 In many if not all the third world countries if given a chance to vote for a choice they turn out to vote in the 90% range to express their opinions at sometimes a risk of their lives and the lives of their families. In our country where we always have a choice it is considered a landslide election if 55% turn out to vote.
Please let us get off this merry go round of personal divisions of people and get to the polls and vote not just make personal attacks because someone disagrees with your views.

Kenneth Mosher Sr.
Gonzales TX