Gonzales EDC creates subcommittees to address financial assistance


The Gonzales Economic Development Corporation in a special-called meeting on Monday formed two committees to discuss the details of considering financial assistance to be used for businesses within the City of Gonzales while also approving the maximum amount of $500,000 to be allocated toward the project.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in Gonzales have had to adjust their operations, whether it’s limiting shopping hours, cutting services or closing their doors indefinitely. Business owners have reached out to city officials asking for aid, and now GEDC directors are formulating a plan to find aid for those owners.

Two subcommittees were formed on Monday, with Gonzales Mayor Connie Kacir and Meena Patel going over the language of the performance agreement and Gerry Lawing and Larry Wehde coming up with the rules in place for the loans, including need, number of employees “and all the other factors to make certain that we could serve all businesses in Gonzales,” Andy Rodriguez said at the meeting.

Lawing also pointed out that there should be long-term plans in place for businesses.

“There’s a lot of things that we might be able to push additional money to that would help the businesses long term and not just a Band-Aid,” Lawing said.

Ideas discussed include grant opportunities and implementing gift cards in various shops.

GEDC is expected to meet again on April 6 to discuss and implement their financial assistance plan.

The board also unanimously agreed to extend all existing GEDC loan payments for 90 days and waive late fees due to COVID-19.

Due to recent resignations, the board is currently without a president. Vacancies for GEDC Board President and Board Vice President will be addressed in the next meeting.