One month to go before school starts (don’t panic!), what are your plans for the rest of summer vacation?

A. I’m dipping in some water, whether that’s the beach, the river, the lake or a local pool, I need to keep cool before summer ends. 8%
B. There’s some traveling I still need to do this month, so I’ll be out exploring the world a little more. 15%
C. I’ve got a lot I need to take care of before school starts, so I’m spending my time planning for next month. 8%
D. Right now is the perfect time to just relax and not add any more stress, so I’m just hanging around, chilling. 8%
E. Wait, school starts in a few weeks? I’m panicking. 8%
F. School starting doesn’t affect me, so I’m just living my normal life. 54%