Sales tax revenue remains steady across region


It appears the summer heat didn’t keep area shoppers from spending in July. Though a few cities like Gonzales and Luling saw a dip in net payment when compared to last year, most in the region saw higher returns.

Nixon collected $32,772.33 worth of sales tax revenue in July 2019, 30.37 percent higher than July 2018. The city’s year-to-date total for 2019 is 8.78 percent lower than July 2018’s total.

Waelder had the steepest increase in revenue when compared to the previous year. The city leapt up 56.33 percent from $3,605.70 in July 2018 to $5,637.10 in July 2019. The city is up 30.37 percent in year-to-date total compared to 2018.

Smiley raked in $1,090.20 worth of sales tax revenue in July 2019, a 21.91 percent increase over July 2018. The city’s 2019 year-to-date total is 55.34 percent higher than 2018.

As previously mentioned, Gonzales saw a slight dip going from $250,368.10 in 2018 to $213,639.05 in 2019. Despite the off month, the city remains 2.59 percent higher in year-to-date totals.

Shiner’s July 2019 numbers were up 5.80 percent in July 2019. The city scored $34,539.73 in sales tax revenue compared to $32,645.91 last July. The city is up 19.41 percent in year-to-date total.

Luling also had a drop in revenue this past month. The city had a 27.07 percent decrease from $109,409.72 in July 2018 to $79,782.38 in July 2019. The city is up 3.82 percent in year-to-date total.

Gonzales County saw a 14.89 percent increase in July 2019. The county received $206,501.66 in the past month. Gonzales County is up 20.63 percent in year-to-date revenue.