Sites of well water generators to be changed


The sites of two well water generators which are being federally funded through a General Land Office grant are being changed according to a notice from the Gonzales County Judge’s office.

These generators were originally slated to be located in Harwood and Wrightsboro, but will now be located in Gonzales at the Saturn well and in Bebe, at the Bebe well. Well water generators power water pumps in the event of a power outage, ensuring that residents served by these wells will continue to have access.

The moving of these two generators increases the number of beneficiaries from 1,580 in Harwood to 2,180 in Gonzales. This also increased the number of low and moderate-income persons benefitting from the well, according to Housing and Urban Development, from 585 to 1,090. In the case of the Wrightsboro-Bebe move, the beneficiaries decreases from 2,360 to 1,240, with LMI persons encompassed by these counts also decreasing from 985 to 535.