This month in Gonzales County history - September



  • 29, Mexican government in San Antonio demands return of cannon from citizens of Gonzales.


  • September, Mexican General Adrian Woll attacked San Antonio and captured the members of the District Court along with other citizens. They started back to Mexico. Gonzales’ Mathew Caldwell and his men met the army on the Salado and a battle ensued. Captain Dawson brought reinforcements to Caldwell but Woll’s troops killed or captured these men. In November, General Somervell took troops down to Laredo and captured the town on December 8. Somervell ordered his men back to Gonzales but many of them traveled on down to Mier, Mexico, resulting in imprisonment and in many instances, death.


  • 15 – J.D. and W.B. Houston passed through town Saturday with a herd of 500 stock cattle destined for the Pecos. They were to be shipped. “Unlike other drovers they did not go up north avenue through the principle street, but turned out back of the Presbyterian Church. A good idea”.


  • 4, the mound property just south of the Guadalupe bridge was sold by Mr. C.E. Dilworth to J.B. Wells, Sr. The property includes the old graveyard and Santa Anna mound. Total amount was about 312 acres at $100 per acre.
  • 25, Baker’s Air Dome presented the first talking movie. Two scenes from Quo Vadis were depicted with distinctness accompanied by the “talkophone”.


  • September, Courthouse and Jail both got gas-steam heating system. Courthouse got 12 heaters and jail got nine


  • 14, several hundred people attended a style show held in the two large glass windows on the front of H&M Toggery


  • 3, Warm Springs Foundation to open on Sept. 14.
  • 14, the new airport southwest of the city on the Cost highway nearing completion
  • 23, hurricane struck Matagorda and Palacios with 100 mph winds
  • 24, Dr. Bryan Denman opened his dental office in Boothe Building, above J.C. Penney Store. Also, on this date, Dr. Fred Siegel opened his optometry office in Bright Jewelry Store


  • 1, new St. James Parish hall nearing completion.
  • 9, C.E. Ince completes fifty years in plumbing business in Gonzales. Office is on St. Francis Street.
  • 12, as the choir sang “We’re Marching to Zion”, the capacity congregation of the First Baptist Church filed out of the auditorium Sunday morning at 11:45 to view the ground-breaking ceremonies for the new $40,000 educational building which will be erected on the north, facing St. Paul Street.