Tire-slashing suspect now in Gonzales County Jail


Hayword Kent Harper was arrested on a Criminal Mischief warrant in Colorado County on Sunday, July 25, according to Gonzales Police. Colorado County is about 60 miles west of Gonzales. 

Harper is the suspect in tire slashings that occurred to more than 60 vehicles in the city late in the evening of Saturday, July 17, and continued into the morning of Sunday, July 18.

According to Gonzales Police Lt. Jason Montoya, officers with Columbus PD responded to a call of a subject at medical facility. Officers made contact with Harper, who had been staying in a maintenance storage building. 

Harper was arrested on the Gonzales warrant. Columbus PD later obtained a warrant for Harper for criminal mischief in regards to an incident that occurred in their city. Harper is currently at the Gonzales County Jail.

The criminal mischief case moved from a misdemeanor to a felony when the estimate value of the damage exceeded $2,500.

According to Montoya, the first call came in at 11:56 p.m. on Saturday, July 17 at the 1100 block of Ainsworth Street in Gonzales. Three cars had slashed tires.

Calls continued from residences and hotels well into Sunday.

Witnesses and security camera footage showed a tall, slender black man in a T-shirt kneeling by vehicles, according to Montoya. It was also determined that the suspect was driving a grey Dodge pickup truck.