GCHF purchases ventilator for EMS personnel


The Board of Directors of the Gonzales County Health Foundation is pleased to announce the recent donation to the Gonzales County Emergency Services District #1 in the amount of $10,000 for the purchase of a V+ Pro Critical Care Ventilator.

This state-of-the-art ventilator will be used by the EMS when transporting some of the most critical patients from Gonzales Healthcare Systems to acute care facilities in San Antonio, Austin or elsewhere. 

The Gonzales County Health Foundation was established in 1983 with the leadership of Dr. Bryan Denman to assist the hospital district in providing quality healthcare to Gonzales County residents.

Dr. Walter A. Sievers contributed several millions of dollars and part of his life estate to the Foundation to ensure that Gonzales County residents had quality healthcare facilities for years to come.  A portion of those funds were earmarked for the Sievers Medical Clinic. Walter and Sue Traeger also donated to the Foundation as well.

The Gonzales County Health Foundation Board of Directors manages the assets of the Health Foundation.  The Board is comprised of local community leaders: President Sue Ortman, Vice-President John Mohrmann, Treasurer Darren Schauer, Secretary Dr. Terry Eska, and members Ricky Lester, Dr. Humberto Rivas, Greg McLain, Bryan Denman, Mark Lindemann, Tim Markham, Greg Tieken and Brandon Anzaldua.