Main Street discusses forming Junior Main Street Board


The Gonzales Main Street board met for a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, June 25, to go over plans to establish a Junior Main Street Board at the Gonzales High School.

“This was brought to the board as an idea when I got back from the Main Street Now conference in Birmingham. The idea is to create a club at the high school and those members of the club will be a Junior Main Street Board,” Main Street Director Tiffany Hutchinson-Padilla said.

The Main Street Now conference gave an example of placing club members in different Main Street businesses as an intern, Hutchinson-Padilla said.

“The business will won't pay this individual, but they will get experience in things like merchandising, or they can help with marketing. Many of our business owners in the Main Street area have struggled to find time for funds to either hire a marketing person or to do it themselves. So, maybe we can get some of the youth in high school that are already super awesome at social media to help replace them in their precarious hours,” Hutchinson-Padilla said.

The item was brought up so the board can change the bylaws so they can form subcommittees.

“I could see a need for something like this in the old Main Street that we had when we had summer concerts,” board member Del De Los Santos said. “It would have been great to have the youngsters after to help move the barriers and help pick up the trash. You know that but and I liked the idea of using their computer skills nowadays to assist out merchants and marketing.”

Hutchinson-Padilla added this will be an experience for those high schoolers that want to see how a business is run for the experience.

The board approved to update the bylaws to form a Junior Main Street Board in the future.