Gonzales enchants the Traveller’s Elixir website


The Traveller’s Elixir published an online shout out to our beautiful small town of Gonzales, Texas, in a Tom Jackson-penned article entitled “14 Enchanting Small Towns in Texas That Will Steal Your Heart.”

The list places Gonzales in 13th place out of 14, though it is always No. 1 in our hearts.

Listed among these were, in order:

• Bandera, a small Hill Country region town, about an hour northwest of San Antonio. Known as the “Cowboy Capitol of the World” this town embraces its title in the charm of its authentic cowboy lifestyle with rodeos, horseback riding live country music venues. We’re told you might even ride through the streets on a horse or longhorn.

• Next on the list is Dripping Springs, located west of Austin, also in the lovely Hill Country, and known as the “Gateway to the Hill Country” with beautiful natural scenery and an abundance of wineries, breweries and distilleries.

• Jefferson comes in at third, a historic town in East Texas, near the Louisiana border. Known for history and 19th century architecture it is a true back in time experience. With ghost tours, haunted houses and plenty of spooky stories, those seeking thrills love to visit! Located in Jefferson is the home thought to be the most haunted place in the United States, The Grove.

• Fourth brings Wimberley, which is listed as a quaint town, also in the Texas Hill Country, sensing a pattern? Located between Austin and San Antonio this is known as a place of stunning beauty with crystal clear creeks, green hills, cypress trees and other beautiful areas, including the famous Blue Hole Regional Park. Another site to behold in Wimberley is Jacob’s Well, a deep natural well known for its great swimming.

• Fifth is Port Isabel which is a coastal Texas town, on the southern tip of the state, right before crossing over to South Padre Island. With a rich maritime history, and historically beautiful waterfront views, with must sees such as Port Isabel Lighthouse, with a museum including a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico. Dolphins watching tours are another past time which enchants visitors.

• Sixth on the list is Castroville, a small town along the Medina River, 25 miles west of San Antonio, and known as the “Little Alsace of Texas” because it was founded by immigrants from Alsace, France in the 1840s and it maintains this unique Alsatian heritage to this day. Historical heritage tour, including the Steinbach Haus, actually transported from Alsace and reassembled in Castroville. This beautifully historic town is famous for beautiful parks, and day hiking.

• Lockhart and Seguin are listed seventh and eighth, with both areas not far from our own small town. Lockhart is home to the oldest continuously running library in Texas, The Dr. Eugene Clark Library established in 1899. Seguin is a historic Central Texas town found along the Guadalupe River, about 35 miles of San Antonio and is known as one of the oldest towns in Texas. Known for having actual ma mammoth remains were found in Seguin, as is one of the town’s most unique attractions is the “World’s Largest Pecan” statue, built to celebrate its pecan heritage. The Sebastopol House Historic Site which is an example of a unique 19th century limecrete construction.

• Bellville is ninth on the list, a small town located in the heart of Texas, about 70 miles northwest of Houston. This small town has a unique and rich historic area, charming and endearing, as it gives a glimpse into the years of Texas’ history. While visiting don’t miss out on Newman’s Castle, featuring a moat, drawbridge, turrets and a view on the surrounding countryside that is said to be stunning.

• Tenth on the list is Canyon, a small town in the Texas Panhandle, south of Amarillo, which is known for being the gateway to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which is the second largest canyon in the United States. Home to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, which is the largest museum in Texas with insight into the region’s history and fascinating culture. Canyon certainly holds true to all things being bigger in Texas.

• Eleventh is Granbury, a North Central Texas small town about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth. A well preserved 19th century square, surrounded by historic buildings, is a huge draw for visitors, as well as the real heart of this community. While admiring the square don’/t miss out on some of the lovely Victorian era homes with a walk through of the Granbury Historic District. Also of (no small) note is that this is said to be the final resting place of infamous outlaw Jesse James, according to local lore, having lived there under an alias.

• Twelfth on the list is Driftwood a well loved and peaceful town located in the Texas Hill Country, southwest of Austin. This town holds a population of only around one hundred (100) people, swelling, of couse, with visitors to see the main attractions of scenic landscapes and many hidden “gems” for those seeking the love of food and wine in the area. Not to miss on this list is The Salt Lick BBQ, a world honored and renowned barbecue restaurant where people converge from all over to sample the brisket and ribs, while washing it down at the Fall Creek Vineyards, known as one of the best in Texas.

• Skipping ahead to the number fourteenth spot, because the best will be last, we end the list with Ennis, a lively small town located in the northeastern part of Texas, less than forty miles south of Dallas. Famous for the phenomenal Bluebonnet Trails (which are a sight to behold in the Texas springtime, with miles of beautiful country roads covered in our state flower. In this small town is also located the Texas Motorplex, a major drag racing venue, which hosts multiple events throughout the year with fans of the sport converging from all around. Finally, but not to be dismissed, is the beautiful Lake Bardwell, with fishing, boating, and camping. Celebrating the rich Czech heritage, with an annual Polka Festival, considered a national event.

• Gonzales, the reason we started mention this list, is noted to be a historic town, located between San Antonio and Houston, made famous for its role in the Texas Revolution, especially for the “Come and Take IT” cannon event and festival, annually celebrating and symbolizing both the Texas defiance and heart. Much mention of this event, with the town’s parades, music, food and events being historical and memorable. Also mentioned are the Gonzales Memorial Museum, where this cannon now resides, as well as the beautiful historic homes and buildings with both guided and self guided tours for those who are enchanted with the local architecture and history. Also mentioned are the Guadalupe River, with a mention of fishing, kayaking and picnicking available in the town’s river edge-line.

For more information, see https://www.travellerselixir.com/best-small-towns-texas.