Light the holiday season at the Gonzales Memorial Museum


The Spade and Trowel Garden Club of Gonzales is sponsoring a city beautification project in an effort to light the stars around the fence at the Gonzales Memorial Museum for the Christmas holiday season.

The lighting of the stars is sponsored every year, along with ongoing multiple beautification projects within the city that the club sponsors and spearheads. The other locations sponsored through the year include Market Square, Kerr Creek Gazebo, the mural display at the public library, and the courthouse grounds.

To help with the lights for the holiday season (or any other ongoing project), checks may be made to Spade and Trowel Garden Club, and you may donate as a gift, in memory of another individual, or as a direct donation.

Amounts start at $1 (which lights one bulb) or other amounts. Each star holds 60 lights, which equals $60, and the Garden Club — as well as the entire community — will be grateful for your help with the beautification of the city of Gonzales.

Donation forms may be printed from the Spade and Travel Garden Club Facebook page, with the form to be included with all donations to clarify how and where the donation should be utilized.