One hundred ninety-four Gonzales seniors walk the stage


The Gonzales High School class of 2023 arrived at Apache Field Friday, May 26 to close out the final chapter of their high school careers.

The class of the 2023 reflected on the last four years, and GHS Principal Jon Basha spoke about those four years to the seniors one last time at the graduation ceremony.

“As a freshman, you came in a little nervous and excited at high school. And then, in March of 2020, COVID happened, and we shut down school. We were unaware of what was going to happen, or how school was even going to look,” Basha said.

Basha joked with the seniors one last time and told them they still have to make up those nine weeks they’ve missed from freshman year.

“All joking aside, I'm honored to be able to stand here in front of you today, your last day as a student for GISD, and your first day as a GISD alumnus. I will ask that you always remember where you come from, and never forget to tell your story,” Basha said.

Cooper LaBuhn was named the valedictorian of the class of 2023, and Maria Vazquez was named Salutatorian.

“The day is finally here where we celebrate the journey that we embark on throughout our years at Gonzales,” Vazquez said. “We as a class have a lot to be proud of as we reminisce on our years at Gonzales High School.”

Vazquez said she was blessed to be part of this year’s graduating class of 2023 and knows after ceremony they’ll part ways and begin their separate lives.

“You will be faced with many challenges, but I truly believe that every one of us is more than capable of overcoming anything that comes our way. These challenges will allow us to continue to grow and to create a life you're proud of,” Vazquez said.

Valedictorian LaBuhn reminded his fellow seniors to remember the great experiences that shaped at Gonzales

“It's important to remember the experiences that shaped us throughout our years of high school. Maybe it was sports, maybe it was band. Maybe it was academics. Maybe it was spending time with your friends,” LaBuhn said.

“As we gear up to leave this all behind, think about what or who made you the way that you are. What shaped you into the graduate that you are today?” LaBuhn added.

Class president Haley Bairrington closed out the graduation ceremony with the moving of tassels.

“As we embark on our greatest years of our lives, to open new chapters in this very special way, something I believe very strongly that this is the greatest class to graduate from Gonzales High School.” Bairrington said.

Barrington, LaBuhn, Vazquez and the class of 2023 remembered their classmate Morgan Farrar, who would’ve graduated with them had she not passed away several years earlier.

“I wish Morgan was here to celebrate with us. I know she's looking down upon us from heaven,” Bairrington said.

One hundred and ninety-four seniors graduated from the class of 2023.