Recent additions enhance Brothers Memorial Library


Gonzales is the birthplace of Texas Independence and with this year’s Come & Take It Celebration right around the corner, what better way to embrace some of the history of this great state and city, but by enjoying historical artifacts, books, maps and unique art. The Robert Lee Brothers, Jr. Memorial Library has many exhibits featuring history and culture.

The main room in the library features the mural “Triumphal Entry Into Gonzales,” painted by local artist Ida Harless McGarity.

One does not have to be an aesthete to appreciate this beautiful depiction of the Come & Take It Parade, with its realistic flair capturing several locals enjoying the annual celebration.

The beautiful Mary Elizabeth Tinsley Texas History Center is home to many historical artifacts. In the main room, the following items are showcased along the perimeter:

• The Sam Houston Lithograph created by Francis D’Avignon circa 1848 is one of only three known to exist, one in the Library of Congress and one in the National Portrait Gallery Collection, Smithsonian Institution.

• The Goliad Collection features artifacts consisting of clothing buttons and musket balls are believed to be recovered from one of the massacre sites of Fannin’s command.

• The Hensley Hurt Collection includes hundreds of arrowheads and artifacts unearthed in Dewville, Gonzales County by Mr. Hensley Hurt in the 1930s.

These are only the latest additions to the showcases housed at this library. The library has been very fortunate to be entrusted with numerous other exhibits. So come in and experience the amazing history and art that is available for everyone to enjoy.