Abortion is a God-given, free-will right


Dear Editor:

(Regarding “Foster Care crisis worsens in Texas,” The Inquirer, July 22, 2021; see link on this post):

Wokeism and Cancel Culture: Create an ugly, “hate-filled” recruitment environment for our traumatized, neglected, and vulnerable Foster Care children.

The broken Foster Care system never achieved its goal to do what we expected it to do.

It has failed society miserably for not providing for our children’s safety, natural development and well-being.

During their short childhood years, children in the Foster Care system do not receive the proper Love, nor a rock solid foundation to grow into adulthood.

We are all unique human beings, particles (spirits) of One God.

Since the beginning of time, God’s gift of, “Free-Will,” and, “Pro-Choice” to each one of us, gives us the opportunity to live many lifetimes, as male and female, and to experience “physical” life to its fullest, as a human being on His earth – so we can “spiritually” evolve/advance, and come around full-circle in order to become “completed spirits” with God.

God, our all merciful Heavenly Father, Creator, and Spiritual Parent, Loves us all unconditionally, however, He does not interfere in our daily lives, nor in our daily decisions.

A pregnant woman, has a “Free-Will” right, and can make her own, “Pro-Choice” decision, concerning abortion.

It is her God-given-right, to make her own decision concerning her body, and no other earthly fallible human being, nor government, has the right, nor the authority to force, their “Free-Will,” on her decision to have an abortion.

A woman’s “Free-Will-Choice” to have an abortion is strictly between her, and God.

“Murder” occurs, when the newborn is murdered “outside” the mother’s womb, and is breathing on its own, not while it is still inside the mother.

When an expectant mother has an unfortunate miscarriage, or, the infant is stillborn, it simply means, the in-coming “spirit,” utilized its “Free-Will” right, and made a, “Pro-Choice” decision, and changed its mind not to “enter” the soon to be newborn’s body.

In other words, the incoming “spirit” became “aware” of an unexpected/imminent “danger” to the “spirit’s” present mission (spiritual growth), and decided at the last moment, to abort, and continues its search in locating another expecting mother, so it can be ‘born again’ in the ‘physical,’ and live out its new lifetime to its fullest, and complete its overall “mission” - to further evolve.

God’s particles (spirits) will live on – for eternity.

Wokeism, and its counterpart, Cancel Culture, are terminal tumors.

Our society will perish; A) when it is left in the hands of evil human beings from the darkside; B) when God’s “natural” law and order between heaven, and earth is severed, and C) when the continuous cycle of innocent human beings, being slaughtered in their youth increases to an unconsciousable (sic) level where we can no longer survive, grow freely, and “spiritually” while on this planet.

Sooner, or later, when that fatal “physical” day arrives, good vs. evil, love vs. hate, peace vs. war, will start all over again – and again – somewhere in time – until we get it right.

Rick Sulik


Shiner, Texas