Avellaneda name lone superintendent finalist for Gonzales ISD


The Gonzales ISD School board took a vote during the May 18 meeting for the district's lone finalist for the superintendent position.

Dr. Elmer Avellaneda, the associate superintendent at Corsicana ISD, was voted unanimously by the board as the lone finalist for superintendent of Gonzales ISD.

Avellanda has worked for Corsicana for more than 10 years, was a department chair, an assistant principal, a coach, a high school principal, an executive director of special programs, an assistant superintendent of special programs and federal budgeting, and received his doctorate degree at Tarleton State University.

Avellanda spoke to the Inquirer about being the lone finalist for the superintendent position and how excited he is to part of a small town atmosphere.

“I know several teachers and Gonzales and several teachers spoke highly to me about Gonzales for several years.” Avellanda stated. “Even though Texas is a huge state, we're all connected in some form or fashion in education.”

Avellanda immigrated to the United States in 1994 to Crawford, Texas with his family and dealt with struggles, but he had help from a second grade teacher that helped him get here he is at today.

The teacher name was Elaine Yearwood, and with help they came up with a plan to help Avellanda even their was language barrier, he said.

“So our plan was that if I came to summer school, she believed that she could give me caught up she would win promising anything but she believed that she could give me caught up with the rest of my peers in second grade.” Avellenda said.

That summer became phenomenal one the next six years; every summer Yearwood helped Avellenda and years later he would repay her.

Two weeks before the school board meeting he started a scholarship in honor of Yearwood at his alma mater called the “Elaine Yearwood Scholarship” the same night she received the Crystal Apple Society Award.

“That's just something, me give back to her at her age and just something to say thank you for kind of changing my trajectory.” Avellanda said.

The trajectory led Avellanda to his career in education and his passion of working with students.

“I just love education. I love the fact that it is the success and I have led with the mindset that the most impactful decision in any school district is the teachers.” Avellanda said.

After being interviewed with the board for the second time he felt like he was back home in Crawford.

“It felt like I was in Crawford. Felt like I was talking to family. And I told my wife, I said, I'm going to prepare as much as I can. I'm going to give them my best shot.” Avellanda said.

Avellanda will be officially hired during the June 13 meeting, and he can’t wait start his new position.

He got a chance to visit Gonzales twice with his wife; ate downtown, attended the first Cinco De Mayo event, and attended church service.

“I'm committed. I'm in the community a lot. I'm talking all the time. Even though I attend one church, if I get invited to any church, I'll attend that church.” Alvellanda said.

He is really excited for this position, he met with the cabinet team, the teachers, the central office staff, the principals and their secretaries, and he added everyone has a role within the district.

“I have a lot of great ideas. Gonzales has a lot of tradition that I'm not gonna mess with,” Avellanda said. “but there's a lot of potential and a lot of opportunity for growth, both academically, athletically and in the community and parents side of things.”

Avellanda has a strong message to the teachers, staff, students, and parents of Gonzales ISD.

“We are one. We are going to succeed together. That is the only way we'll be able to become a better town, become a better community, become a better school district, become better individuals.” Avellanda stated. “If we do what I know works, and we take our responsibility for all our students, our community and for each other, and be unified and be successful that way.”