Change in City Council District 4


Dear Editor;

I am writing this letter as a citizen that is witnessing change in Gonzales. I live in District 4 and I have been a tireless advocate for the people in our community that wanted true, transparent representation from our elected officials that in the last four years never came. So in true Gonzales nature, when the election came my district made its voice heard an elected a new councilman to lead us.

I want the elected officials at City Hall to understand that they are put in power by the people who voted them in, to represent the people that gave them power. My councilman was the second most powerful person at City Hall.

He ignored the will of his constituents in order to fulfill an agenda that made it harder for citizens to hold him accountable, took away our rights to vote on taxes, and Amended the City Charter to give him more power by taking it away from the people who voted him in.

We elect people to lead and expect them to be an independent mind that does what’s best for the people they represent. If you sit on the council and are a follower going along to get along remember District 4 and understand when election time comes around the people who voted you in can always vote you out. We voted for leaders not followers remember that.

Thomas Enriquez