Dr. A wins Outstanding Educator Award from BSA


Dr. Elmer Avellenada, aka Dr. A, the superintendent of Gonzales Independent School District, has been named the Elbert K. Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award recipient.

The award, established by the Boy Scouts of America's National Council, honors educators who integrate Scouting's values into their professional lives.
Dr. Fretwell, an education professor at Columbia University and a Scouting pioneer, championed the movement to instill positive values and community service. The award reflects his vision by recognizing those who have positively impacted students and promoted Scouting principles.

"We were proud to honor Dr. A for his leadership and strategic academic impact in Gonzales ISD," said Charles Mead of the Boy Scouts of America. "We are grateful for all he and his team do for children!"

Dr. A's dedication to educational excellence and the Scouting movement has profoundly affected many youths, enhancing their academic journey and upholding strong positive values.

Dr. A expressed his enthusiasm for the recognition and his commitment to enriching the lives of GISD students.

"I am excited to work closely with students and hear their perspectives on how to improve Gonzales ISD," said Dr. A. "I have always said, 'Let's keep the main thing, the main thing,' and that's our students. They deserve to be heard and empowered."

The Elbert K. Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award was developed by the Educational Relationships Subcommittee of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Fretwell was a professor of education at Columbia University, an early thinker in the Scouting movement, and the second Chief Scout Executive of the BSA.

The Fretwell Award is presented by local Scouters to teachers, educational support staff, and school administrators who stand out from their professional peers in instilling Scouting values in their students.

Dr. Fretwell championed Scouting programs as extracurricular learning opportunities that promote positive values and community service. Scouting benefits from easy access to schools for recruiting and from opportunities to serve schools.