ESD 1 celebrates opening of new Nixon station


On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the Gonzales County Emergency Services District No. 1 (EMS) opened their first-ever, brand-new EMS station. The station is located at 1100 E. Central Ave., Nixon.

When the ESD took over the daily EMS operations in March 2020, the ESD commissioners determined that the current EMS stations needed to be replaced and modernized. The study that made the recommendation suggested the Nixon station was in the worst condition of the three existing sites, and should be the first to be addressed.

The first full year of ESD operations focused on obtaining new and dependable ambulances and enhanced medical equipment. Then, the ESD Board of Commissioners began to direct their attention to devising plans for a new station in Nixon.

Several ideas were considered, but each encountered obstacles. A building suitable for an EMS station and for sale could not be found. An appropriate piece of land for sale could not be found. Then, Gary and Rodney Butler, brothers and longtime residents of the Nixon area, blessed the ESD with two acres of land on Central Avenue. (US 87).

The land ownership transferred to the district in June 2021. A building permit was obtained from the City of Nixon on March 1, 2022, and the station officially opened Nov. 15.

The station was built by Weaver & Jacobs Constructors from Cuero, with major components being provided by several Gonzales County businesses. The cost of building, from soil testing through completion, came to approximately $530,000.

The station will be occupied by a crew of two. Typically, the two-person crew consists of an EMT and a paramedic, who staff an ambulance for 48 consecutive hours. Planning for the future, the station was built to easily accommodate two ambulances and four emergency medical personnel.

The current team of ESD Commissioners are Rene de la Garza, president; Commie Hisey, D.O., vice president; Linda Carter, secretary; Christina Jahns, treasurer; and Tony Stone, assistant treasurer. Eddie Callender is executive director of the ESD and chief of EMS; Belinda Richter is deputy chief, HR; and Allen Linebrink is deputy chief, Operations. Captains are Jess Fullilove, Scott Evan and Michelle Molina. Micheal Newman and Mathew Elder are lieutenants.