GISD hosts last community bond meeting


The Gonzales Independent School District made their last community presentation about the proposed $95.08 million bond package at Baker Boys BBQ Tuesday, Oct. 17.


The school board approved two propositions to be voted on the Nov. 7:

Propostion A: safety and security enhancements, general renovations and improvements to address aging buildings and infrastructure at Gonzales High School, Gonzales Junior High, Gonzales Primary Academy, Gonzales North Avenue, Gonzales Elementary, Administration, Maintenance, address accessibility and lifecycle projects, the construction of a new career and technical education building and a new agricultural barn.

Proposition B: 7,000 seat artificial turf lighted stadium, 8-lane track, concessions, partial locker rooms, restrooms, parking, scoreboard, field events, baseball/softball artificial turf, lighted, bleachers concession, 8 lighted tennis courts, weight room.

Voters can either vote for both propositions, one of them or neither in the Nov. 7 election.


Members of the community at Baker Boys BBQ showed both their support for the bonds and concerns about it.

Some of the concerns were a lack of plans being visible on the website, where the money is going for these projects and how the taxes will impact the community.

Gonzales High School teacher Billy Holifield showed his support for both bond propositions and students in the district.

“Part of the reason that you need a new CTE center and a new school and all that kind of stuff is because it provides better opportunities for the kids. It will allow more opportunities in different areas for the school to be able to bring in,” Holifield said.

“As a community, you have an opportunity right now to give back to the community that you all say you love. And more importantly, you have an opportunity to provide for the kids that are in school and the kids that are coming up. You have a shot to make it better for them. Sometimes you have to jump out there on a leap of faith,” Holifeild said.

Pastor David Schautteet grew up in Gonzales and played on Apache Field 18 years ago, he said, adding during those 18 years what has been done on that field.

Schautteet listed the schools in the last 18 years that have made stadium improvements, including Luling, Hallettsvilles, Cuero, and Yoakum.

“Has anybody been outside of Gonzales to go support the Apaches and walked around the facilities that other people have? And go ask those people what they had to do to get that, they had to make a sacrifice, you have to make choice,” Schautteet said.

“In our minds, we cannot continue to live in the past. God tells us to move forward. Don’t dwell on the things in the past, but move forward,” Schauteet said.

“We’re not saying we don’t want to do something,” said City Councilmember Ronda Miller, who questioned the cost of the bond issue and the impact it would have financially. “We’re not for this plan, because it’s an enormous amount of money. We’re all here for the kids but we don’t think this plan is the best plan. Bring us something with less money, bring us something in writing and then we might get behind it.”

The first day of early voting kicks off Monday, Oct. 23 and ends Friday, Nov. 3; Election day is set for Tuesday, Nov. 7.