Gonzales among most picturesque small towns for a weekend retreat in Texas


An online national magazine, World Atlas, has found Gonzales among the nine most picturesque small towns in Texas to visit for a weekend retreat.

Texas is vastly beautiful, as well as being the second largest state in the United States, with its size alone guaranteeing both a diversity of landscapes to explore, as well as coastal leisure spots. While bigger cities, such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and other metropolitan areas often capture the national attention for visitors and things at aspire in visiting, it’s those smaller towns that are often the most lovable, capturing the hearts of those lucky enough to visit and explore their small town charms and attributes.

Many of these small towns also offer beautiful — picturesque, if you will — visages with endless free activities and weekend adventures available for both visitors and residents of their areas. Many of these small towns are actually a sort of entry to larger, more renowned attractions, such as Palo Duro Canyon, while others offer simple yet beautiful beaches and waterfront dining that is nestled in quiet and peaceful settings.

To that end the list of those that the article found to be the “most picturesque” in Texas, are charming and unmatched for their beauty and attractions.

Among those places listed there is Salado, which is called “a captivating village nestled along Salado Creek.” Among the reasons to visit, according to the article, is the village atmosphere, including the 1.5 mile Main Street, which is filled with beautiful sites and opportunities to embrace the small town charm. The sculpture garden is a must see, as well as the Gault Archaeological Site, and Salado Creek and Pace Park.

Gonzales is featured second on the list, highlighting the historical charm, juxtaposed along the natural beauty and river areas. Listed are attractions such as Independence Park, the Guadalupe River, including the park with picnic tables and BBQ pits, with a playground and scenic overlook of the river. Palmetto State Park is highlighted for nature enthusiasts, with the San Marcos River running through it featuring as a spot not to miss.

The First Shot Monument Historic District, honoring the Texas Revolutionary War, is listed as a must-see spot. Among those spots listed to find accommodations include the Belle Oaks and Dilworth Inns.

Among the others honored on this list are Canyon, with a spotlight on Palo Duro Canyon. Port Isabel appears next on the list, with the article showcasing the lighthouse and Queen Isabella Causeway (and South Padre Island). Next to appear is Port Aransas, with emphasis on the title of fishing capital of Texas. The Port Aransas Museum and historical areas are also mentioned as not to be missed.

Rockport follows, with mention of the beach, including pristine white sands allowing for sunbathing or leisure time and serene blue water. The Tule Creek Hike and Bike Trail is mentioned spot to visit on your way in or out of this historical area.

Others to appear on the list are Dripping Springs (highlighting the natural beauty and charm, with emphasis placed on the Hamilton Poor Preserve; Wimberley, shown as the small charming village that calls Blue Hole Regional Park and the Jacob’s Well Natural Area, also mentioned is the Cypress Creek Natural area. Finally the last mentioned is Fredericksburg, called the prime example of small town charm. Listed is shopping, rock climbing and the nearby Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site (birthplace of the 36th president of the United States).