Gonzales Commissioners Court approve resolution for joint primary


The court heard from Election Administrator Gwen Schaefer before commissioners considered and approved a joint resolution and statistical Information for a joint primary. A joint primary election services contract between the Gonzales County Republicans, Democratic Party and Gonzales County was approved.  

Commissioners heard a presentation from South Central Water Coalition, Inc. regarding water planning and conservation. 

Assistant District Attorney Keri Miller provided commissioners with recommendations and community members were appointed to the newly formed Gonzales County Sexual Assault Team.  

A resolution was signed and passed regarding opioid settlement agreements, though the county did not have any suits to release for abatement. 

Commissioners received a complete award and contract package for the previously approved Water System Improvements GLO Contract No. 20-065-047-C139 Generator Project. The court also received GLO Contract No. 22-085-052-D305 Community Development Block Grant Mitigation Program Infrastructure Projects Non-Research & Development Mitigation Funding (Radio Tower Projects.)

Commissioners discussed and approved the execution of a construction contract for the Gonzales County Road Rehabilitation Program, funded in part by the Texas Department of Transportation County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant Program with CK Newberry, LLC in the amount of $2,422,511.10 based on the received base bid and additive and alternate bid items. 

Contract Change Order No. 1 for the Gonzales County Road Rehabilitation Program to reduce the overall contract amount by $295,672.10 was also approved, resulting in a final contract amount of $2,126,839. Copies of the executed agreement, performance and payment bond were received from the contractor for that amount.

After some discussion, commissioners took no action regarding community outreach spending, tabling the item until a plan could be developed and discussed next month. 

Budget amendments and bills were approved.