Gonzales Health System celebrates 45 years, unveils future


Gonzales Healthcare Systems (GHS) hit a milestone Wednesday, Nov. 29 by celebrating 45 years of service to the community.

Doctors and staff gathered at the GHS outpatient clinic building to take a look back at the history of the healthcare system in Gonzales, from old Inquirer newspapers, old flyers and photos of the hospital.

“Celebrating such a milestone is undoubtedly a significant achievement and a testament to the dedication, hard work, and commitment of the entire GHS team,” GHS CEO Brandon Anzaldua said.

Anzaldua appreciated the hard work from the doctors and nurses from past and present that was put into the 45 year history of the hospital.

“The efforts of doctors and nurses can never fully be measured. These professionals dedicated years to education and training to acquire the necessary skills to provide quality healthcare. Their hard work and commitment is an inspiration to us all,” Anzaldua said.

Staff got a chance to see the future of the hospital with a new surgical west wing, and Anzaldua said the new expansion will help with the recruitment of the future doctors that can provide more “specialty options” in Gonzales.

“As GHS strives to remain viable and provide the latest and greatest technology as it relates to quality health outcomes, we need to focus on continuing to take our facilities forward. …We are excited about the new addition and look forward to the opportunity it will provide to our system,” Anzaldua said.

Dr. Kenneth Gottwald appreciated the multiple expansions and the additions to the hospital for the last 45 years, and added that GHS has grown to become one of the area’s larger employers, offering good careers to many.

“The professionals and support staff prioritize delivery of quality care and are a great team. Hometown atmosphere … very comforting to see familiar faces when medical issues occur,” Gottwald said.

“With availability of telemedicine, consultation with specialists can often occur without the need for patients to travel out of town,” Gottwald added.

Gottwald added that GHS is able now to offer services locally that previously required traveling to a larger facility.

Anzaldua is looking forward what the next 45 years will bring to GHS.

“Overall, celebrating 45 years is a moment of reflection, appreciation, and anticipation for the next chapter in the ongoing commitment to community health. I look forward to the advancement of healthcare and bringing that through GHS to the patients we serve,” Anzaldua said.

“I would like to thank everyone that has ever served or been served at Gonzales Healthcare Systems.  Every employee, board director, or doctor that has provided a service within our hospital and every patient that has walked through our doors is valuable. We couldn’t have made it 45 years without them,” Anzaldua added.