Gonzales team wins Hog Competition


Over 19,000 pounds of pork were brought in during the first annual Boars of Texas Hog Hunting Competition held in Caldwell on January 30. 24 teams, consisting of almost 100 individuals, signed up from all over the state for a first time competition hunt.

19,139 pounds of hogs were generated from the competition and all of the meat was donated to charity for the less fortunate.

This year’s winners include: Winder Ranches, who took first in the Dog & Knife division, followed by Durett Kennels and Fat Boy Outfitters. Of the teams participating in the additional side pots, Heaviest Boar went to Flippin N Stickin, Heaviest Sow went to Caney Creek Hog Doggers and Durett Kennels also took Largest Stringer. In the Dog & Gun division, Tri-County Hog Hunters took first place.

The team Durett Kennels of Gonzales consisted of Jason Henderson (team captain), Michael Durett and Josh Baross.

Josh Legg and Benton Schulze were instrumental in the competition, organizing volunteers, as well as lining up a charity in order to donate the meat.

The wild hog population has exploded, and Texas seems to be at its epicenter. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the number of feral hogs calling Texas home is in the millions, and although this last weekend’s quarry was only a drop in the bucket compared to the immense populations that roam here, it will be a huge help to the local individuals who now have fewer feral hogs in their pastures, hay meadows, gardens, yards, crops, and creep feeders.

For information about the competition or to find how to compete next year, contact Matthew Renner at 979-255-0489 or boarsoftexas@yahoo.com.