Local barber retires after 59 years of services


After many decades of cutting hair for the residents of Gonzales, Texas, Victor Aguilar of Vic and Joe’s Barbershop announced his retirement and the sale of his business.

Aguilar, a Gonzales native, has been cutting hair for 59 years and recalls his time working at his barbershop and the people that inspired him.

“My uncle and grandfather always cut my hair as a child, and it sparked the idea that I could do it myself and make a living from it,” Aguliar said.

During his early years of barber school, he remembers what he learned in school and applied it to a 59-year career.

“The most memorable things to me are when I went to school and learned the skill, it has always stuck with me. I appreciate the time I have got to spend doing what I love and the customers I have worked with,” Aguilar said.

In all those years of service to the community, Aguilar has encountered many beloved customers throughout his career.

“I enjoy the friends I have made throughout my career and the doors it has opened for me. Also it is good to know that I have done something great for my community, which is what I wanted from the beginning,” Aguliar said.

The top thing he enjoyed about his career was providing for his family for so long and the lifelong friends he has made over time, he added.

Aguilar sold his business this year and is looking forward to the next person who uses the building located on 832 Water St.

“It is the end of my working era. I hope someone else finds good use for the building and i am ready to enjoy time with my lovely wife Gloria Aguilar,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar will have a celebration of his retirement at Sacred Heart Hall Church Monday, Feb. 19.