Nixon weathers Harvey


NIXON — In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Nixon city officials reported that there were no casualties and no homes destroyed, and that evacuees received ample shelter while weathering the storm.

The city had a shelter for people at the RCC (Richardson Christian Center) building on 4th St., where 38 evacuees registered on Friday.

“We had people bringing in food, pillows, blankets, towels and sleeping bags,” Mayor Gladyne Finch said.

Roughly 30 evacuees left the shelter late Saturday. The remaining eight departed Sunday morning, Finch said.

“We had families, and some of them brought pets,” she said. “It was nice to have them stay with us and for us to be able to help them out. Most of them were from around the Nixon area, Smiley and Leesville, but some were passing through.”

Finch noted that while some trees were knocked down during the storm, no homes were badly damaged, and no injuries were reported.

“We had a couple of power lines come down, so some road barricades were put down until [workers] could come out and fix them on Monday.”

Finch added that road closures were put in place on FM 1681 and FM 2229.

Also reported was that Abel Vigil has been appointed as the city’s interim fire chief, filling in for Chief Mark Mendez, who was hospitalized after being electrocuted while fighting a fire in Wilson County on Aug. 11. Mendez remains in SAMC Hospital in San Antonio, and is reported to be in critical but stable condition.