Noon Lions Club Foundation expanding, renovating Lions Park playground


The Gonzales Noon Lions Club Foundation is thrilled to announce an exciting project, the expansion and renovation of the Lions Park playground area.

The organization’s goal is to establish an ADA-compliant, inclusive playground that can be utilized by all members of the community. They have worked alongside community leaders to design a playground that will welcome all kids and families of all abilities to learn, play, and grow together. 

For the last 25 years, the existing Lions Club playground has been loved by the community of Gonzales, as well as residents from Belmont, Cost, Harwood, Nixon, Waelder, Smiley, Shiner, Luling, and Yoakum.

However, it is no longer ADA complaint nor friendly for children with special needs. By replacing the existing playground structures with one large playground, we are providing an inclusive environment and equipping children of all abilities with the skills to play, both together and independently, creating a sense of community among children.

If interested in the project, please call Cindy Rodriguez (830) 263-5502, Garen Reese (830) 857-3114, or Britney Caka (830) 857-6296.