Remembering Texas mommas on Mother’s Day this Sunday


In the United States, Mother’s Day 2022 will occur on Sunday, May 8. In Texas, there are not many people that are more important than our mothers.

We hold them up to almost an unreachable standard, which is both beautiful and difficult to live up to, for some. Even more difficult is living up to being good enough children to our mothers, with it somehow always feeling like we don’t do quite enough.

I am a mother, of many children. Two by birth, one adopted at birth, two foster sons, and two stepdaughters that are much loved, as well as inlaws (or as my own mother called them, outlaws) that I hold dear to my heart. Justin, Brandon, Sean, Marcus, Alex, Madeline, and Rachel (as well as Brent, Nadia, Jayk, and Zachary). In proper listed order. I adore all of these young adults and can think of no better blessing than being loved by them in return, and I am grateful.

That being said, my children do not owe me a special day. I believe it is a mother’s job, as it is, to love her children, care for them, and provide love, safety and knowledge to them, as the mother is able. However, gifts and recognition are always nice. With that being said, there is no greater gift than the joy of being a mother and of (at least in our own minds) being the best mother possible.

The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908, becoming an official US. holiday in 1914. Ms. Jarvis would later spend the latter part of her life trying, without success, to remove this holiday from the calendar, having an issue with the commercialization of the day.

While I both believe that holidays are overly commercialized and put undue pressure on individuals and family members to provide gifts and acts of affection that are often beyond their financial reach and totally materialistic, I again must admit that I do love my chocolate covered strawberries when gifted them. (Ahem)

The Gonzales Inquirer would like to wish all mothers, be they those that physically gave birth or those that have assumed the nurturing role of a mother, a very happy Mothers Day 2022. May you all be healthy, happy and appreciated.