Rivas family takes center stage in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’

Reignited passion for dance leads mom, daughters to join company


Three members of the same family will be gracing the stage when Come and Take It Dance and The Crystal Theatre present “The Sleeping Beauty” later this month.

Performances will be at noon and 7 p.m. June 10 and 2 p.m. June 11 at the Crystal Theatre. Tickets can only be purchased online at comeandtakeitdance.com for $30 per person and there will be assigned seating.

Jessica Rivas, a passionate dancer, started her ballet journey at the tender age of 3 in Brownsville, Texas, under the guidance of Mr. Juan Burgos at Bella's Artes Academy. Her training continued there until she ventured off to college at 18. During her college years, she took a hiatus from dancing, focusing on building a family after getting married.

Despite her busy schedule as a mom of five and handling the bookkeeping for her husband’s pediatric practice, Jessica always yearned to share the beauty of ballet with her daughters. Unfortunately, the absence of dance studios in her town made it challenging. However, everything changed when she discovered Come and Take It Dance last year.

Inspired by her meeting with Gary, Jessica made the bold decision to reignite her passion for dance after a 27-year hiatus. She knew she had found the right place. In November, she started taking classes again and, recognizing the opportunity, also enrolled her two daughters. Now, the three of them embark on their ballet journey together.

Amidst the responsibilities of motherhood and her professional obligations, Jessica finds immense reward in dedicating time to herself and indulging in the joy of dance. She encourages others to join her in ballet, emphasizing that age or experience level should not deter anyone.

Ballet is not exclusively for little girls in tutus — it is a captivating art form that everyone can appreciate and benefit from. Not only does ballet offer physical activity, but it also improves posture, relieves stress, and brings immense fun and fulfillment.

Jessica's story serves as an inspiration, proving that one can always rediscover and embrace their passion, regardless of life's demands. She encourages individuals of all walks of life to join her on the ballet journey, as the transformative power of dance knows no bounds.

Gabriela Rivas is a talented and driven 14-year-old who recently completed middle school with honors. Her passion for music is evident in her skillful piano playing, which she has been practicing for several years. Gabriela's love for the arts extends beyond music, as she has always dreamed of dancing ballet. She finally found the opportunity to pursue her passion in Gonzales and has been making impressive progress in just six months of training.

With her dedication and talent, Gabriela is sure to continue excelling in all of her artistic pursuits and is looking forward to her first performance in “The Sleeping Beauty.” She will be dancing alongside her mother, Jessica Rivas, and younger sister Alexandra.

Alexandra Rivas, an energetic 8-year-old, has just completed second grade with flying colors. She is a multi-talented young girl who is currently involved in cheer and gymnastics lessons, as well as piano and ballet classes.

Alexandra's love for music is evident in her passion for singing, and she enjoys exploring different genres. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Alexandra also enjoys playing softball and staying active. She is thrilled to be performing in “The Sleeping Beauty” alongside her mother, Jessica, and sister, Gabriela, and is excited to showcase her talents on stage. With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Alexandra is sure to continue shining in all of her endeavors.