Robert Ynclan Scholarship Foundation announces 2024 winners


The Sheriff Robert Ynclan Memorial Scholarship Fund announces that 10 deserving graduating Gonzales area high school seniors are receiving scholarships as they head out to college this fall.

Ynclan was elected sheriff in 2020 for Gonzales County, but passed away at age 63 on Sept. 5, 2021, after a lengthy battle with COVID-19. The Foundation was established in 2022, and with this year’s winners a total of 20 students have been honored by the non-profit over the last three years.

Foundation President Cynthia Ynclan says, “We are so thankful for all the community support, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

Funds for the scholarships were raised by dinner plate sales, and Ynclan stresses that many volunteers made the fundraiser possible.

Scholarship winner Haley Cantu says, “I am extremely thankful for this scholarship. I couldn’t be more grateful, and I am excited to see how this scholarship helps me achieve my dreams.” She added, “I will make the Ynclan family proud.”

Nehemiah Elizondo expresses his appreciation for the scholarship as well.

“The Ynclans and their team are some of the most pleasant and respectable people I know, so to receive a scholarship from them is such an honor. As a student aspiring to become an elementary teacher, having student loan debt would be a challenge to pay off, but this scholarship has taken some of that financial burden off my shoulders, so for all this I am extremely grateful,” Elizondo said.

Michael Escalante, one of Robert’s dear friends and fellow lawman, says, “Those giving to his scholarship fund allows his memory to thrive and provides opportunities for young people to share in their vision for a better future.”

Each student was awarded $700, and those from Gonzales High School are:

• Hannah Baker

• Shelby Borjon

• Haley Cantu

• Lilyanna Escobedo

• Eric Guevara

• Ainsley Holub

• Ryann Michalec

• Alyson Jahns

Two scholarship winners from Grace Academy are Abigil Schurig and Nehemiah Elizondo.