Smiley hires new city secretary


Deborah M. Bustamente is the new Smiley city secretary after she was hired at a special called Smiley City Council meeting on Thursday, April 28.

Her first official day at work was Monday, May 2.

“I am enjoying working with my ‘senior’ staff, who has been there two weeks longer than me,” Bustamente said. “I look forward to working with the community and I am excited to be here. Today is my first day and we’ve been spending it going through filing cabinets to see what’s here.”

Bustamente formerly served as the Nixon city secretary from December 2019 until her voluntary resignation last month. She succeeds former City Secretary Rebecca Meija, who resigned after stating during a council meeeting she felt unsafe in her work environment due to an alleged stalking incident.

Bustamente is a Nixon native and 1978 graduate of Nixon High School. She had previously worked in the probation, education, telecommunications and insurance fields.