TJHRA Finals come to a close for 2024


The 2024 Texas Junior High Rodeo Association Finals wrapped up its final days at the JB Wells Arena in Gonzales, Texas, Saturday, June 1.

Many junior high rodeo athletes competed from Sunday, May 26 through Friday, May 31 in many different events from goat tying (girls and boys), breakaway (girls and boys), chute dogging, team roping, barrels, pole bending, saddle bronc steer riding and tie down.

Local athletes from Gonzales got a chance to show off their rodeo skills at the TJHRA Finals. Emme Albert competed in the goat tying competition; Dyllon Richardson competed in the chute dogging; Jaxon Beck competed in both chute dogging and team roping and Rhett Richter in the breakaway.

Those that finished in the top four or five in each event qualified for the National Junior High Rodeo Finals in Des Moines, Iowa.

The TJHRA Finals will return to Gonzales for the 2025 season.

Finals Results and National Qualifiers:

Chute Dogging:

First place: Enoch Hall: Time 5.42 (20 points Na), second place: Lucas Dunn Time: 7.63 (18 points), third place: Brody McMillan: time 8.92 (16 points), fourth place: Levi Johnson: Time: 9.02 (14 points), fifth place: Sterling Bruce: time 9.22 (12 points)

Boys Breakaway:

First places: Tate Heard--time 1.81 (10 points), second place: Cooper Wilkerson--time 2.15 (9 points) , third place Cross Figg--time 2.17 (8 points): , fourth place: Orrin Pinner--time 2.32 (7 points)

Girls Breakaway:

First places: Peyton Bailey--time 7.08 (20 points), second place: Leddy Lattner--time 8.09  (18 points), third place: Kelsie Reininger--time 8.2 (16 points), fourth place: Anistyn Abel--time 8.85 (14 points)

Bull Riding:

First place: Enoch Hall: 20 points, second place: Slade Seay: 18 points, third place: Teagan Stermer: 16 points, fourth place: Willie Walling: 14 points, fifth place: Sterling Huitron 12 points

First places: Gage Jourdan/Chance Anderson--time 27. (20 points), second place: Levi Berry/Cooper Brittain--time 28.84 (18 points), third place: Miles Mueller/Stetson Springs--time 28.86 (16 points), fourth place: Reed Volf/Kase Key--time 29.54 (14 points)

Pole Bending:

First place: Kennzie Nixon--time 61.505 (20 points), second place: Khiley Everett—time 61.9 (18 points), third place: Elly Lout--time 61.94 (16 points), fourth place: Kodi Herron—time 62.816 (14 points)

Boys Goat Tying:

First places: Kene Bracewell --time 29.12 (20 points), second place: Clay Watkins--time 29.25 (18 points) third place: Stetson Springs--time 31.49 (16 points) fourth place: Jace James --time 32.16 (14 points)

Girls Goat Tying:

First place: Acey Autrey --time 20.02 (20 points), second place: Hadley Hubble --time 21.44 (18 points), third place: Naia Folmer --time 21.52 (16 points) fourth place: Bella Bardwell --time 22.33 (14 points)

Tie-Down Roping:

First place: Stetson Springs --time 29.28 (20 points), second place: Kene Bracewell --time 34.75 (18 points), third place: Jeffery Hayes --time 37.06 (16 points) fourth place: Jarret Corn --time 39.11 (14 points)

Barrel Racing:

First place: Charlie Sohrt --time 49.79 (20 points), second place: Ryan Farrell --time 50.333 (18 points), third place: Elly Lout --time 50.438 (16 points), fourth place: Kynli Bannister --time 50.506 (14 points)

Saddle Bronc:

First place:  Chance Anderson (20 points), second place: Truitt Harris (18 points), third place: Tucker Cart (16 points) fourth place: Trevor Scherer (14 points)

Ribbon Roping:

First place: -- Gage Jourdan/Anistyn Abel --time 21.75 (20 points), second place: Stetson Springs/Naia Folmer --time 22.46 (18 points), third place: Chance Anderson/Jaycee Ware  --time 23.76 (16 points), fourth place: Orrin Pinner/Isabella Renfro --time 24.4 (14 points)

Bareback Bronc:

First place:  Maverick Drinkard (20 points), second place: Kade King (18 points), Willie Walling third place: (16 points) fourth place: Slade Seay (14 points)