TJHRA finals return to JB Wells, Gonzales


The Texas Junior High Rodeo Finals return to Gonzales Saturday, May 25 through Saturday, June 1.

JB Wells Facility Manager Amanda Garza and her staff have been preparing for more than 30 vendors and more than 1,500 people at the finals.

“There will be 1,500 people on the grounds, just with the rodeo coming in, not including their horses. Grandma and Grandpa, other members. You know, that's mom, dad and a contestant. 1,500 plus, we'll be there [at JB Wells],”  Garza said.

This year, the finals will have 815 horses, and Garza said they are building fenced stalls to house them and have 457 RVs parked at the event.

Last year’s finals had 888 horses with the same amount of contestants, but the number fluctuates every year, Garza said.

“It's really weird the way it worked out this year, horsewise,” Garza said. “But you know it is what it is. And then we have 25 personnel — that means directors, staffing to help with putting on the rodeo. So right now, we're just trying to get it together and we know any volunteers we can get we'll be grateful,” Garza

Garza is excited to see the many junior high rodeo athletes compete for the next four years in Gonzales.

“Here in Texas, everybody comes from our border towns. It is a big deal for Gonzales,” Garza said. “It makes a big impact on our stores. It's just a big thing for Gonzales and people need to come out and support it. Hopefully, we'll keep growing and making JB Wells better. That way we can host and get bigger and better events out there.”

“This is one thing that hits me close to the heart, because my son did it for his junior high years, all the way to high school. And I've seen these kids grow. And the ones that are now in high school, you know, it's amazing, watching them grow every year, and succeeding, and improving themselves better and better every year. And I just wish everybody luck.”

Regarding revenue for the event, Garza said they’ll have to do a new economic impact study, but they are looking at a good impact from money spent by those in attendance.

“I couldn't give you the exact figures … I mean, when you walk into Walmart and H-E-B, the shelves are picked,” Garza said.

The event will be livestreamed on TJHRA’s YouTube page and will be broadcast on the Cowboy Channel.

For more information about the junior high finals please visit:

For volunteer opportunities, contact the JB Wells Office at (830) 672-6558.