Veterans Day honors those who fought for freedom


The United States is known for a lot of things, some good, some bad, some debatable, but above all, our country is known for freedom. Freedom to be who we want, say what we want, worship as we want, and live as we want, freedom to be Americans, and all that entails.

We, Americans, are known around the world for our liberties and our freedoms. While we are all proud of being among the free, let’s not forget the brave, those who allow our freedoms and liberties to exist and to continue, with their service.

Celebrating Veterans Day is a proud, complicated, and sad occasion for many, because of those lost, and those forever changed, due to this ongoing fight. Let us not take for granted that fighting for America is a worthy cause, never forgetting we are fighting for everyone in this country to believe as they wish.

Thank you, veterans, for the fight to preserve my rights to be who I choose to be, in a country that is revered for it’s freedoms. 

Thank you to all who have served, in foreign countries and stateside, thank you for every single citizen, man or woman, who has given their time and service in exchange for my freedoms.  We must, as a country, promise to not tread upon the freedoms of any other American in honor of those sacrifices made for us all.

Thank you to all who suffered in the name of the freedoms of Americans, and to those who paid the ultimate price of death we can offer no degree of thanks that is equal to that gift, that sacrifice, that love of American life and freedom, the only thing we can offer is gratitude and the never forgotten memory to honor the freedoms that were so hard earned.

Happy Veterans Day 2022.