Wait to vote on taxes until council is full


Publisher’s Note: Thomas Enriquez is running for the now-vacant District 4 Gonzales City Council seat. This letter was approved for print because it does not include a political endorsement of Mr. Enriquez or any other candidate and it was submitted before The Inquirer learned of his candidacy. The Inquirer will not run letters to the editor from political candidates beginning 45 days prior to an election. The District 4 city council election is Nov. 2.

Dear editor,

My name is Thomas Enriquez. I am a longtime resident of District 4. The reason I'm writing this letter is because I saw the city is going to be discussing possibly raising my taxes for the fifth year in a row.

My district, as of right now, has no one to represent us because the council member for our district resigned. A new member is to be elected in November's election. In my opinion, I think the council should wait until all the citizens of the city are represented because we pay taxes and have the right to be heard as well.

I also would like to remind all the new council members that, right now, they have no record of raising taxes, and once you vote to raise taxes, you can never erase that from your record. The citizens of Gonzales voted for change and the landscape of the city council reflects that. I just hope the people running our city and the people who vote in November remember that.

Thomas Enriquez